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The Water Initiative

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Exposition photos sur le thème : eau, bien privé ou droit humain ? Combien de litres d'eau pour produire une pizza ou une bière ?

The Water Initiative* regoups youth students (mainly from the IHEID in Geneva but outside and/or French speakers very welcome) passionate by water and that feel the need to bring the protection of water as well as the right to it to the forefront of global discussion. In doing so we focus on advocacy and the spread of information. Our goal is to make the best use of our knowledge to inform those around us, encourage sustainable use and to protect this invaluable resource wherever we can. We believe that the first step in water management starts with you as an individual which leads to collective action and ultimately change. For this we offer a space where these issues can be discussed and you can realise your own project with the support of an enthusiastic team. To achieve it, we aim to work closely with other students initiatives and swiss-based organisations to organise exciting events and establish networking opportunities for our members.

Some of our activities

Regular meetings
Awareness campaigns

Applied research projects
Sharing of academic researches on water-related topics
Promote youth voice in the water sector
Movie screenings
Networking opportunities
Swiss Sustainability Week

*Established in 2018, The Water Initiative is a student initative focused on water, which is an initiative under the broader umbrella of the Graduate Institute Student Association (GISA)


#eau       #Hydropolitique      

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